Choose from a variety of fun and exciting table games that will keep the crowd interested. Not sure how many tables to get? Its OK we have recommendations for crowd sizes based off of past parties.






Blackjack is the most popular table game in any casino and the most requested at our parties.  And no wonder, it is very easy to learn and play, plus it has a low house advantage.  The experienced players will feel right at home, while the rookies quickly learn to test their luck on our casino-sized tables.


Craps is the ultimate “action” game. In any casino the screaming and yelling will be coming from the craps table. For the experienced player our casino layouts have every bet and our dealers can handle all the action. For the novice, our dealers will assist and instruct them on how, when, and where to place bets and collect winnings. The fast paced action of craps is extremely contagious, once you get into it you too will be screaming and yelling.



Roulette is the ageless grand dame of gambling and is the classic casino game. One spin of the wheel determines your fate. When the ball falls, it can land in any one of 38 pockets. A variety of bets can be placed, more than any other casino game. Contrary to popular myth, roulette is very easy to learn. It has simple rules and is easily mastered by most everyone.


Poker combines the challenges of skill, luck, and psychology with the drama of the bluff. Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker game today. Players play against each other and the best hand wins.


Caribbean Stud has kept its popularity over the years. Caribbean stud is played against the dealer not the other players at the table. This game is similar to five card stud poker. The player’s goal is to draw a five card poker hand that is stronger than the dealer’s qualifying hand.